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So true. Sometimes I get mad if I'm getting unwanted attention from someone I don't like and none from someone I do. let's be clear, he hates not having my attention very badly!

NOT AT ALL TRUE FOR ME. Friendships can also cause heartbreak. And so I left university.( Yeah. I know I'm crazy  and foolish to have left just because of some fake friends ~ frenemies.)

If you run away from things that hurt you, they will always come back to you no matter how far your un away. Be strong and dont be afraid. Then nothing can hurt you

Bam! This is mee

An Aquarius has a strong sense of self-control on most days and then other days just feel like punching someone in the face.

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Aquarius: Hugs I am the exception to the typical Aquarian. I love Hugs .only with those special family & friends