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They may resemble little soot balls, but that's okay with us!

Scottish Terrier What a dirty boy! someone went digging, look at that nose! (and adorable face)

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What Every Scottish Terrier Owner Knows (A most entertaining & accurate read!

Scottie love

Well now, I've had a bubble bath, the Mistress gave me a rose, Mac and I are not in trouble any longer and all is good.

♥ Two Scottish Terriers. ♥ (My Mom always loved these dogs, especially where there was a black and white pair together.) ♥

20 Reasons Scottish Terriers Truly Are One Of The Best Breeds Ever !

Below is her super handsome and impeccably groomed t-shirt model, Pierre.

I love Scottie dogs. Full of character and loyal to the end. My wee Maggie-Mae…