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A rapier, manufactured in the century by the technology of the old masters as a gift to one high-ranking person. Such exceptionally flexible rapiers were made in Toledo in the beginning of century. They were sold in gun shops and coiled.

Ottoman yatagan / yataghan, 19th century, watered-steel single-edged slightly curved blade with single fuller, the chappe with cusped cartouche containing elegant arabesque, the interstices with small leaf-motifs, one side of the blade with cusped cartouche issuing palmette and containing later owner's inscription, Sahib Kuchak Husni Agha, with possibly associated silver hilt of typical form engraved with floral motifs, the silver scabbard elegantly worked in repoussé, 31½in. (80cm.) long.

Ottoman yatagan / yataghan, century, watered-steel single-edged slightly…

Rare ‘S-shaped’ Zulfikar Sword with Gilded Silver Over-laid Hilt India Blade dated 1709

Rare ‘S-shaped’ Zulfikar / zulfiqar (split tip) sword with Gilded Silver Over-laid Hilt India Blade dated 1709


Albion Armorers replica Conan The Barbarian Swords. Hand sharpened by Jody Samson,A little too heavy for real sword play unless of course you're Conan

Almost scimitar, light and fast

A scimitar-like sword. a slicing sword I could use with my fencing skills.

Japanese sword shapes and their history.

Japanese Blade Shapes through the ages chart. >> This is a fascinating chart, especially for a history buff like myself.