‘A’ House in Kisami by Florian Busch Architects

'A' House in Kisami by Florian Busch Architects

The A House in Kisami built by Florian Busch Architects is a private retreat overlooking the ocean about 180 km south of Tokyo. Located at the end of a tiny mountain road leading up a coas

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modern cantilevered home stacked like building blocks design milk ground level deck with ideas

Located on a steep site with limited suitable building ground, the firm decided to cantilever the home over the hillside, which has the effect of helping the structure blend in with the landscape.

Modern House Captures Panoramic Views in Australia

Our clients purchased a wonderful property on Australia’s Sunshine Coast. The land was situated high up on a ridge with undulating rainforest, creeks and wa.

Blackpool House by Glamuzina Paterson Architects

Blackpool House par Glamuzina Paterson Architects

- - This modern personal residence designed in 2012 by Glamuzina Paterson Architects is situated in Auckland, New Zealand. Description by Glamuzina Paterson Architects The home at Blackpool, Waiheke stands as a black monolith in a.