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Commentary: As much as the movie studios would like the opposite to be true, movies are handicapping the theatergoing experience and there's almost never a time you should pay extra for it.

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Walt Disney's toughest creative task when he made the movie Snow White involved the Evil Queen.

Arthur Pollock

Arthur Pollock , Delivering a dinosaur to the Boston Museum of Science, 1984


For her high school yearbook, Olivia used this Jean-Luc Godard quote under her senior picture: "I'm a film addict, absolutely crazy about cinema.

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Fun isn’t the exclusive reserve of young people, as these heart-warming photos of elderly couples prove. Yep, these seniors are living life to the max, because the old saying is true: age is just a

As Tears Go By, Dir. Wong Kar-wai, 1988

Directing your own short movie is an exciting experience. However, a lot of movie buffs and film students get started on this journey but never complete their project. These tips will help you prepare for your short movie.

3-D Movie Audience: Photo by J.R. Eyerman, 1952.  J.R. Eyerman's peek inside the opening-night screening of Bwana Devil, the first full-length color 3-D feature, certainly is peculiar: Men and women, young and old all angle in the same direction, formally dressed but for those silly specs over their eyes. Funny as it is, with the audience members coming off like clones of an alien species, there's also prescience in the photo -- not just about the emergence of special effects in cinema but…

J.R. Eyerman—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images The opening-night screening of Bwana Devil, the first full-length, color movie, November at the Paramount Theater in Hollywood.

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Make time to read things you enjoy. Photo: Woman reading on park bench, Central Park, New York, 1957