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Hay bale lounge...

Rustic Vintage Virginia Wedding

Backyard or garden wedding for Jess. Buy straw hay bales at Tractor Supply stores and cover them with quilts or blankets to make a super-comfy lounge seating area at your wedding! Get more Rustic Wedding ideas .

18 ways to use hay bales for a shabby chic wedding/garden party

18 Ways to Use Straw Bales for a Shabby Chic Wedding/Garden Party

Hay Feeders | Horse Barns | Horizon Structures

Might do this for new pasture. I hate it when I put hay in my outdoor bunk and then it rains and gets moldy. Then I give it to the cows who are too fat already.

Growing plants in bales of straw is a great way to create a raised garden space that can be moved anywhere.

Straw Bale Gardening

Have you considered gardening with straw bales in your backyard garden or garden landscape? Easily transition from soil to straw with these tips found on Fix. Click in for your comprehensive guide to straw bale gardening.

Hales of bay for ceremony guests to sit on

Featured Wedding: Meg + Paul's Rustic Chic Wedding at Mulberry Lane Farm

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Adorable cars made from (wait for it) toilet paper rolls!  Kids will LOVE this craft!  Click to see this DIY craft and 5 other amazing things you can make with empty toilet paper rolls.

Your little race car driver will love making these toilet paper tube cars.and racing them! So fun for a DIY kids craft project!

You are the sweetest and cutest thing ever mommas baby

You are the sweetest and cutest thing ever mommas baby