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Hard Surface Reference: Tóraidhe Concept Art by Aaron McBride (via Concept Art World)

tohaheavyindustries:  Star of Arabia by abiogenesis

Concept spaceship art by our good friend Alex Ries. Keywords: alex ries illustration and concept art spaceship sci-fi des.

the mill la sony commercial by 0800

Pinned ships, inspiration and possible inclusion in the Broken Worlds series

Serendipity Front by Sketchshido.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Really tight renders from Steve ChinHsuan Wang. Keywords: concept spaceship model renders art by Steve ChinHsuan Wang professiona.

Concept art for "Alien" by Ron Cobb

ALIEN - Ron Cobb design for the 'Leviathan' (early name for the Nostromo), and the refinery utilising a channel for the ship's exhaust to pass through while towing the platform.