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Trippy Tree Drawings for Pinterest

Im thinking this is an awesome tattoo. Buddha, Ying Yang, Tree of life - cute-tattoo


The Real Meaning Of 'Om'

Om: Om is of paramount importance in Hinduism. This symbol is a sacred syllable representing Brahman, the impersonal Absolute of Hinduism — omnipotent, omnipresent, and the source of all manifest existence.

Have you seen a Hamsa tattoo? You probably have. The design is very popular for tattoos, jewelry and other items. Colorful Hamsa tattoos can be stunning pieces of art. A black and gray tattoo can also be very striking though. The design itself evokes a sense of mystery and touches something deep inside people when

45 Popular Hamsa Tattoo Designs for Women (With Meaning)

Lotus flower om tattoo

Om Tattoo Meaning & History Om Tattoo Om (also spelled ‘aum’) is a Sanskrit word that describes the single most important song in the universe. It was the first and highest word to be spoken, represe

131 Buddha Tattoo Designs That Simply Get it Right

I love this take on the Buddha/Lotus. The sketched look is definitely awesome! I would only get the Lotus though. More here: 14 Harmonious Buddha Tattoo Designs