I love the piano! One of my all time favorites Dark Night of the Soul by Philip Wesley.

this photo reminds me of how I see music through my eyes. I like how the piano is in the eye and how the music notes are incorporated on her skin.

Musical Instruments Collage Metal Wall Sculpture - Music Metal Wall Art.

Jazz Rock/Fusion is jazz that is strongly influenced by other styles of music. There is American tendency to freely interchange Jazz Rock and Jazz Fusion.

jazz - by Zuhal Arslan

Just a small scribble can make up what sounds so wonderful -- jazz. -- Jazz by Zuhal Arslan

publicado en vive la musica

giclee prints of musical artwork, music paintings, jazz and blues paintings by Virgil C.

Conception, Pianos, El Amor, Good Night, Everything, Music, Piano

Diez frases sobre jazz

Jazz music different movements captured perfectly. The light tones of the background is done well.