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If I did that face id look like a retarded camel but he looks like an angel that just came down from the heavens to kill millions of fangirls everywhere with his unbelievably sexy looks

I am like SO jealous of Zayn perfection with EVERY face he has EVER made, I just wish I was like that.

Louis birthday is on Christmas Eve and my birthday is the day after Christmas and watching this live stream it just made me cry

REMEMBER THIS You know Harry can be such a cutie. It's his birthday! And Christmas Eve so like idk anymore about you Harry.


Actually this quote is from Parks and Rec. Harry never went to college. He didn't even graduate high school.

well that really did escalate quickly.... What a GREAT story!!!!!

well that really did escalate quickly. What a GREAT story!

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OK so last night I heard Best Song Ever and I thought of Niall's dance move. And then I started doing it(: Yupp that's it just look at the VIDEOOO

"If you guys were staying up all night, what would you be doing?" "All day, all night.*Zayn's face is priceless.* Oh and then we have Kevin staring into our souls. One Direction - Video Diary 4

Zayn Malik

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