someday it will be clear to you

But, i will definitely complain alot about doing so.

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But I guess it's just a Sagittarius thing

*kiss kiss*

just the thought makes my knees week

When Sagittarius talks;

Once acceptance and courage solidifies, it's too late.

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This is actually not completely true. We have a knack for smiling and the other person thinking we are fine, only to get them to leave us alone. We do hide lots of emotions and though we may seem fine, we may be so far gone you'd never know.

Learned that I'm Sagittarius instead of a Capricorn in Australia 😵 mind blowing

Wrong, they get off on seeing someone suffer.  In fact they will do all they can to intentionally inflict all pain possible and ensure suffering continues, because they care for no one but themselves.

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Sagittarius - brilliant when the stress is on.  This must be why I procrastinate so much with homework!

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I wish I could get this one through my hubs head *wry*

I wish I could get this one through my hubs head *sigh*


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Very true

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Yeah, if that life consists of them not being a little twat because, we will shorten that "for life" real quick.

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Complete truth ruined by those damn HORRORscope "signs"

Confession : no fuckin joke bruh