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Montón de basura de TGWeaver

tgweaver: “ The Sloshed Fox Starring Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps You guys voted for a melodramatic rollercoaster of drunken emotion and personal trespasses, and you got it ”

Funny Disney, Disney Pixar, Nick And Judy, Zootopia Comic, Art Reference, Yolo, Carrots, Feels, Relationships

Montón de basura de TGWeaver

tgweaver: “The Late StakeStarring Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde An Adults-Only comic set in Zootopia. This comic contains both spoilers and lewd / NSFW content.

Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde and Zootopia © Walt Disney Animation Studios Bad Intentions

Newest Zootopia comic (by Rem289) <-- THIS WAS AMAZING

Newest Zootopia comic (by Rem289)

Newest Zootopia comic (by Omg I shouldn't ship this but I do and I can't stop XD