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Catching Fire.

Katniss face is like man this is awkward.peeta face is like don't look oh gosh don't look.and the older guys face is like yeahhhh.by far the most funniest part in the movie.

Forgot to mention the chills I got when someone held the Mockingjay sign up in front of the light....awesome I mean I was expecting everything but still

fxhima_y on

Your face when you watch the catching fire trailer. So true

The loneliest people are the kindest the saddest people are the brightest and the most damaged people are the wisest.

The loneliest people. The saddest people. The most damaged people. The Hunger Games. So true about the saddest people!

Except their desire

The second-long clip of Effie at the Reaping from the trailer hits me like a ton of bricks. Every time. It makes my heart stop, and she is crying which makes it even MORE sad<<<< I watched this movie again today and I cried even more than the first time

Awww... I love Peeta so much!

Seriously one of my favorite lines in the entire movie and book Hahaha

Sam Claflin [Finnick] dancing at the Cornucopia :D 1/2 behind the scenes of Catching Fire :)

Sam Claflin hula dancing on the Catching Fire set. my life is complete

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Josh Hutcherson behind the scenes (dressed as Peeta) and Jennifer Lawrence helping him spin on a stool

and no one can kill a cute baker. Bc Josh is just that cute!

peeta ♥ nope, no-one can kill a cut baker.

Katnis always rebeling

Katniss, takes the phrase 'rebellious teenager' to a whole other level So true

Hunger games

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Peeta Mellark: What'd he want? Katniss Everdeen: To know all my secrets. Peeta Mellark: He'll have to get in line. Katniss Peeta Love how parallel their smiles are.