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agua... en perspectiva

Stone bridge optical illusion in New York. This image is an example of reflective imagery in photography. I like this illusion of a complete group of circles, instead of the reality of the group being a selection of cleverly placed bridges over water.

The kingfishers' speed at diving into the water has been described as 'like a bullet' by the 46-year-old snapper

Photographer takes perfect snap of kingfisher after 6 years trying

Bird diving into the water and it's reflection. The kingfishers' speed at diving into the water has been described as 'like a bullet'.

Inselberichte & Inspiration

Find serenity and peacefulness after a hectic workday when you come home to this gorgeous canvas art piece. The artwork depicts a reflection of a bridge in the water, evoking a calmness that can lull

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by Tony Karp (Yes, these are arches, not doors, but this photo beautifully expresses the many, many doors or arches that we go through in a lifetime.



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Old bridge through the "Yuzhniy Bug River" Ukraine. This reminds me of Jurassic Park when the pterodactyl is standing on the other end!

Cluttered Gypsy

I like this image as the barbed wire has a very interesting pattern on the outside of it and the repetition of the barbed wire looks really good. Also the way the barbed wire spirals down is very fascinating as it creates an illusion like effect.

Brussels, Belgium, Art Nouveau bridge

White wrought iron bridge with curved uprights. Often called "Gothic Bridge" because of its reference to Gothic design, it is officially known as Bridge No.

Northern Ireland - I've always wanted to visit Ireland, and Jenny said she's going to take me (when I'm old) :)  I'm not so sure I want to cross this bridge, but it sure is gorgeous! Reminds me of how I feel crossing the Mackinaw Bridge ;-)

i have this reaccuring dream that takes place on a bridge like this the ending always is the same, me in the water wondering if this should be a prioritu.fate maybe Plank Bridge, Cascille, Northern Ireland