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"I WAS A SLAVE" Afro-Cuban Slave.my ancestry. Many forget that African slaves were taken to Cuban and other Caribbean and Latin American countries.

Celia Cruz

Celia Cruz, (October 1925 – July was a Cuban-American salsa performer. One of the most popular salsa artists of the century, she earned twenty-three gold albums and was renowned internationally as the "Queen of Salsa" as well as "La Guarachera de Cuba.

• I can't keep my eyes off her •

Listen as your day unfolds Challenge what the future holds Try and keep your head up to the sky Lovers, they may cause you tears Go ahead release your fears Stand up and be counted Don’t be ashamed to cry You gotta be You gotta be bad, you gotta be.

Tȟatȟóka Íŋyaŋke (aka Running Pronghorn Antelope, aka Running Antelope) - Hunkpapa Lakota/Sihasapa Lakota - before his death in 1897