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Dinosaur park in South Dakota, I actually seen this! His name is Dino and he is Lime green! The little indians kids at our camp were telling me all about the "big dinosaur" out from Rapid City"Gahh, I miss SD!

By the way...: Dinosaurs are ruining my life!

Dinosaurs are ruining my life!

Flying dinosaur, Inflatable dino, built by Goodyear for the Macy's parade

Barcelona, 1960, by Burt Glinn

La Sagrada Familia (young girl on swing in playground with the towers of the Gaudi cathedral in the background), Barcelona, Photo by burt glinn/magnum photos One of my most favorite places on.

Enric Adrian Gener

Enric Adrian Gener - Even though the ocean is still predominantly unknown territory, photographer Enric Adrian Gener brings it closer to viewers by diving underwater an.


El mundo acuático de Kanoa Zimmerman

Free Dive, an incredible series of black and white underwater photographs by Kanoa Zimmerman.

Bruja en globo

Lyle & Scott gave me this as my first company car.bounce my way to work,yippee --funny.

Gato estelar

Reminds me of my own cat Freddie. He always haves this look in his eyes as if he is doing this xD 'Mega Space Cat Rising' by Hayley Sargent

Elliott Erwitt

Macri y su posible reelección: "Si la gente lo decide, lo haré"

I wish that little girl would turn around to see Snoopy! Snoopy through the window of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, 1988 Elliott Erwitt

Delivering a dinosaur to the Boston Museum of Science. Photo: Arthur Pollack

nashscribblings: “ undr: “ Arthur Pollock A helicopter delivered a model dinosaur to the city’s Museum of Science (Boston). 1984 ” The year every dog in Boston lost their shit.


A man gives a woman a helping hand as she takes a flying leap over a large puddle on the pavement. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images). 1960 if only there were still chivalry like this.

Panda simulando que esta tomando una foto a un niño sentado en una silla

25 Animales con vocación de fotógrafos; Cambiaron los papeles

Bert Hardy In December five giant pandas were smuggled out of China to England. Four of them were bought by London Zoo. Photographer Bert Hardy’s son, Mike Hardy, poses for a photo with Ming one of the pandas at London Zoo. From Bert Hardy/Getty Images