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So i just made this. ~JBJW

when someone wants to tell you about homestuck but you're already in the dumpster yourself - Vriska sitting

Scalemate Boxers

syndeux: “A tribute to my scalemate boxers — best purchase I’ve ever made!

Homestuck - Vriska

viria: I will never get enough of silly Vriska portraits

YES hec YES | Vriska

“ AHOY JOHN ::::D ” some late illustration that looked better in my brain, i used this palette of colours wich was a cool challenge but maybe i overestimated my skills also if some of my first.

Redglare. ((Okay now I'm going to sleep. No more pins, Jenna. You have things to do. Like sleep and call the bank in the morning and wow did you guys know you have to like fill out a whole bunch of paperwork to legally get paid? You learn something new every day.))

they’re really nice subjects for painting practice, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to draw them all.also thanks to yosilog for some few tips!

Neophyte Redglare. :3 Rebloggy.com

A redo of this: [link] UGH the ancestors are so beautiful art is mine, redglare and homestuck belong to hussie Redglare redux