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LA ISLA DE LOS MUERTOS (Die Toteninsel) | Arnold Böcklin, 1883 | Óleo sobre tabla 80 x 150 cm, Staatliche Museen, Berlín. | El lienzo (tercera versión de las 5 que pintó en total el artista) muestra una inquietante isla a la que se dirige una barca que porta un ataúd. La obra tiene evidentes influencias mitológicas —se ha interpretado al tripulante con el barquero Caronte—, y parece que en efecto Böcklin se inspiró en un cementerio real existente en Florencia, en el que habría enterrado a su…

Arnold Böcklin - "Die Toteninsel " (Island of the Dead) version - 1883 - Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin

I have this print by my dining table.  Peace - Burial at Sea 1842 - Joseph Mallord William Turner - www.william-turner.org

Joseph Mallord William Turner Peace - Burial at Sea, , Tate Gallery, London. Read more about the symbolism and interpretation of Peace - Burial at Sea by Joseph Mallord William Turner.

redon vierge nimbee 1898

The Boat (Virgin with Corona) Artist: Odilon Redon Completion Date: Style: Symbolism Genre: symbolic painting Technique: pastel Material: paper Dimensions: x 28 cm Gallery: Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sebastian Giacobino - Now, that is one bloody scary siren. Makes Jaws look like an amateur.

A Siren isn't really a sea monster but sailors have told tales of these beautiful women that sing to you and seduce you into their trap of bloodlust. They are said to eat the sailors alive or drowned them deep in the ocean.


A Walk to Remember

For clarity, this painting is often attributed to Klimt, but was not painted by him. This painting, 'Freya's Tears' was painted by French artist Anne-Marie Zilberman in the style of Klimt.

Carel Fabritius: "The Goldfinch", 1634. Oil on panel. Mauritshuis, the Hague, Netherlands. on display now at the Frick Collection, NYC

Carel Fabritius, The Goldfinch, 1654 Oil on panel Royal Picture Gallery, Mauritshuis, The Hague / at Tokyo Metropolitan art museum / stunning white and gold. has more reality than a real one.

Resultado de imagen de Arnold Böcklin ulises

Arnold Bocklin - Ruin by the Sea, 1881 - Kunstkopie, individuelle Kunstkarte preiswert bestellen

Paul Gaugin - Les Alyscamps, 1888. Oil on canvas. 91,5 x 72,5 cm (36" x 28.5")

Paul Gauguin - Les Alyscamps, Arles - 1888 - huile sur toile, x cm - Musée d’Orsay, Paris

Cy Twombly - Untitled (2001)

Cy Twombly Untitled 2001 Acrylic, wax crayon, pencil, and collage x 39 in Collection of the artist The way of drawing and the loose structure looks really interesting.

Edvard Munch, (Kiss by the Window)

Edvard Munch - kiss by the Window 1892 - Oil on Canvas 73 x 92 National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo