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To that girl in Costa somewhere :P

love swag funny girl cute quote text lake hipster indie night animal boy fall in love see hi Spanish letters giraffe hola addictive

Stocksy United – Royalty-Free Stock Photos – Backgrounds - Gallery by Ruth Black – Backgrounds by Ruth Black

Stocksy United – Premium, royalty-free stock photography and cinematography – Backgrounds - Gallery by Ruth Black – Backgrounds by Ruth Black

You have had a very hard working day at Camp. You return to your Cabin, trying to change into new clothes from being all sweaty and sit on your bed. You are so tired that you fall asleep. In your dreams you are on fire. Not the "Cool! I'm Leo!" or the "Katniss is on fire!" type, but a burning to death type.  You can't move quickly when you suddenly see _ (you choose but make it the most important person in ur life)

thesilvereye: Original lines by Burdge [x] Colors by TheSilverEye [x]Full size on DA woaaaaaah this is better coloring than i couldve done omg well done 3

Y do I need to add a description I just want to put wallpapers here so I don't waste phone space

Jonathan is a swell human, good files, good life, and good health. The vampire King (Evan) is surprised by Jonathan, Evan wants Jonathan by himself and that's.