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Korean World Map mid 18th century

Traditional Korean Map (or “Chonhado”) from Chonha Chido (Map of the World). Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress

Burmese map of the world

⇚ Map Quest ⇛ maps & globes in history, art, craft & decor - A Burmese map of the world, showing traces of Medieval European map-making.

typo map

Portsmouth Vernacular map by Jodie Silsby. Now I'm back in Pompey I should definitely start saying 'mush' more.


Retro Educational Posters Reimagine The Human Body As A Factory

How to make dot density maps

Choropleth maps are useful to show values for areas on a map, but they can be limited. In contrast, dot density maps are sometimes better for showing distributions within regions.

ЦРУ выложило в сеть десятки секретных карт, фото №6, фото №6

To mark the anniversary of its Cartography Center, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) shared decades of declassified maps.

Tactile map - Edinbrugh

Infographic that can be read by touching it. Different textures indicate different things. Thoughts on inclusivity.