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Probably one of the coolest and most creative Smart car paint jobs you will ever see.

Cool design.

These 5 small trailer wraps provide a good dose of design inspiration for anyone looking to take on project that involves wrapping a utility trailer, RV, food truck, or a band equipment hauler.

Bus of Copenhagen Zoo- this is an amazing paint job, and GREAT advertisement!:

Copenhagen Zoo - The design of this vinyl wrapped bus is a great example of transportation marketing.

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Smart Car: How Smart Is It?

yes its a smart car.a sipper of petrol, You can add a lightweight trailer, fairly quiet. Will fit in places a 'normal' car can't. limited seating and laughable carrying space. Its the modern equivalant of the

Haha, would love to see this in action on the road. FROM davidbraun1957-I THINK THIS CAN STILL BE SEEN EVERY YEAR AT THE HOUSTON ART CAR PARADE.

Top 20 Weirdest Cars Ever Made


These bus designs would really catch peoples attention as they are very detailed…

pixel car

Designer Cooking Schools

A-Team van for my oldest son & smart car for my youngest son Hahahaha!!!

Smart car owners, though, won't have none of it. They're a bunch of resilient, innovative people who found ways to make their smart cars keep up with the big boys in the automotive industry. Hence, triggering the smart car's evolution.