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This is a picture of a wave about to break. Now that's what I call a masterful photo. The sharpness, exposure, focus, and timing are all perfect!

I always love cool pictures of waves. So much power and beauty.

Inspiration : écriture !

shades of blue / Torrey Pines / Blacks (by Laurent_Imagery)

Ocean...I love being on the ocean...what a beautiful serene picture of it.

I don't know why I am pinning this other than THE SECOND I saw this I immediately wished I could be there. This intense feeling of WOW. I don't even know where this ocean is but I want to go there. And just sit in a boat. With shade available an

Street in Napoli...totally saw this, and forgot to take a picture.  I think my battery was running low by that point. Glad I saw it on here!

Graffiti, bright color, Italian-desiged car, clothes line. Patina-ed wall