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Il faut vs devoir infographie

The call for papers is out for the 2017 DRHA conference (Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts)

Grammatika, toutes les règles de grammaire à la porte de la main

homophones - words which are pronounced the same as other words but differ in spelling, meaning or origin.

Printable French Classroom Poster - Phrases Utiles!

Printable French Classroom Poster - Phrases Utiles

10 truquis del español, para evitar las "pifias" más clásicas entre alumnos franceses

How To Learn Spanish Fast And Easy And Free

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Organisateurs textuels

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Image result for fle et prépositions #learnfrench

Image result for fle et prépositions #learnfrench

Lápiz de ELE: Infografías para la clase de ELE (III). Edición deluxe para franceses.

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