I got: Altair Ibn-La'Ahad ! Which Assassin From Assassin's Creed Are You?

Which Assassin From Assassin's Creed Are You?

Time rots everything… #bioshock #Infinite

'Time rots everything…' and yet she is still Elizabeth, she didn't really change. Innocent, Hardened, Femme Fatale Elizabeth: but she always stayed the same, trying to right the wrongs her father caused.

Steam Sale With Bioshock Infinite Half Price!

Eat, drink and be scary – the perfect Halloween print. #MarthaStewartLiving

The Bioshock video game, amazing concept and amazing soundtrack. A treat for the gamers out there.

Bioshock Finite (CONTAINS ENDING SPOILERS) by Goldsickle

After all the stuff I was able to do back in the first two Bioshock games, it was a little disappointing that a lot was taken out of the gameplay in Bio. Bioshock Finite (CONTAINS ENDING SPOILERS)

Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth

Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth The one on the bottom left creeps me out as she has a noose around her neck and is targeted. and Booker is holding a Sniper Rifle.

You belong to me by Shaidis on deviantART #Bioshock

Bioshock always leaves me overcome with emotion, speechless. One of my favorite games ever. Paint tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop Bioshock Infinite (c) I. You belong to me