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The present bed style and fit is exactly like the 2007 model. There is in fact a Shasta model only for you. Our company model is straightforward.

Forecasters predicted it would rival the Great Chicago Blizzard of January 26, 1967. Description from I searched for this on

Worst Chicago Blizzard 1967-Story and pics

"BIG SNOW" JANUARY 1967 Bus drivers were paid to stay in their buses so people would bring food down to them (east of Michigan avenue).

newspaper cut like embroidered lace by Myriam Dion #VW

Newspaper Pages Cut Like Embroidered Lace by Myriam Dion

Canadian artist Myriam Dion will take a newspaper and intricately cuts patterns into the pages, leaving behind elements of an article's text or ph.


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Dutch track champion Piet van Kempen in his pre - Mareze days. September Piet van Kempen circles the track at Wembley during a six day cycling event. Photo by Derek Berwin.

How working memory games can improve kids’ executive function in 5 minutes a day | The Cornerstone

How working memory games can improve kids' executive function in 5 minutes a day

A Gem from the Heavens: Brighter than a Diamond, Stronger than a Sapphire and Ethically Cultured - DGI Wire


bruce davidson, usa, segregated waiting room at greyhound bus station along freedom riders route.

Challenger 1986 I was sitting in Civics when they announced this.

Journey Into Space (Dec. 8, 1952)

The Space Shuttle Challenger's smoke plume after its in-flight breakup, 73 seconds into its flight, leading to its crash and the deaths of all seven crew members. Date January 1986 Time EST UTC) Location Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of central Florida.

Aviso da Prefeitura/ Desaparecidos

Aviso da Prefeitura/ Desaparecidos