Mouni Feddag has a bright and exuberant illustration style, as well as a very charming online bio: “I am a drawing person born & based in Nottingham, England, with a Communications Design…

Ryo Takemasa...

Beautiful color palettes and great use of texture in these illustrations by Ryo Takemasa, a freelance artist based in Tokyo, Japan. More illustration

My Home Is My Castle

Un espacio de color con Adam Hill

New post on zeroing

Inspired by skateboarding and comic books, Sonny Day and Biddy Maroney are Webuyyourkids. The duo layers colorful halftone textures and topographic patterns to create enchanting designs for clients.

C'est le retour des années 90 ! Un petit mix avec l'antiquité et voilà une affiche tendance.

Les 10 tendances graphiques pour 2016

Imagery associated with vaporwave includes glitch art, Classical sculpture, web design, outmoded computer renderings and classic cyberpunk aesthetics.

Dave Matthews Band shirt

(Poster Design) Dave Matthews Band: Poster design inspiration, all looks like similar lines but tells a story .