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My opinion : People though living themselves in mud must point you out even in your righteous . They always criticize your good deeds while they themselves a.


My Dad's favorite Far Side funny: "Ok, one more time and it's off to bed for the both of you.'I dunno, Jim.

Fairy tales written for optometrists

Fairy Tales for eye doctors- As s nanny and an eye tech this is awesome!

Eye phone

Natural Eye Care Products And Exercises - A Popular Option


Be romantic! ▸ Sunday: be different / Seja diferente by Gabriel Sancho via Paulo Coelho

#wordsearch #eyechart

Welcome to Katzen Eye Group, home of the Baltimore area's premier ophthalmologists & optometrists.

Horn rim glasses

Thank you to Santinelli International and Nidek for sponsoring today's Opti-fun Horn rim glasses post.

The Adventures of Super Whale

Funny pictures about The Adventures of Super Whale. Oh, and cool pics about The Adventures of Super Whale. Also, The Adventures of Super Whale.

when you try to pet a cat - Google Search

when you try to pet a cat - Google Search

French Expression: Raconter des salades  Pronunciation: [rah ko(n) tay day sah lahd]  Meaning: to tell stories/lies, spin yarns  Literal translation: to tell salads

J'aime bien quand tu me racontes des salades. - spin yarns, talk a load of tripe