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Collie This is not a collie, but a Shetland Sheepdog or Sheltie. Rough or Smooth Collies are much larger with long elegant noses. Although shelties and collies share some breed characteristics they are two separate breeds.

they are so pretty!

4 Shelties: The winner of a contest to find the best amateur photographs of people’s canine companions has been announced. Brian and Julie Kings’ striking image of their four pet Shelties, taken on a beach in the Outer Hebrides

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Baby Sheltie. I need one.

Baby Sheltie

Shetland Sheepdog- The awesome thing is that its like a mini collie. So if you like collies but they are too big.just get a sheltie!i would love to have this baby.

Sunny 1.10 beautiful sheltie

Shetland Sheepdog Dog Breed Information

The Shetland Sheepdog originated in the and its ancestors were from Scotland, which worked as herding dogs.


"This is my Sheltie, Shakespeare. I broke my leg skiing a few weeks ago and had to send him to live with my parents while I can’t walk.I bet he misses you too.

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Shetland Sheepdog - Energetic and Playful

I used this picture as a reference in one of my art classes. ^_^

Sheltie puppy - The universal doggie look that is capable of melting frozen hearts.