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Pawel Kuczynski es un artista polaco que se especializa en la ilustración de imágenes  satíricas que hacen reflexionar a la audiencia sobre sus vidas cotidianas.  Los temas que toca van desde la pobreza, a los medios sociales y hasta la política. Todos ellos tienen un mensaje único si se mira con suficiente atención.

29 dibujos que te harán cuestionar lo que está mal en el mundo

Make halves and fourths eggs! Glue in math journal.  Easy to make easter card

Easy to make easter card. How to incorporate math (fractions) into art lesson.



Matching the horizon with white binding on trees. Just bizarrely amazing.

earth n site artist to decorate sidewalks, bricks, trees, etc .Zander Olsen 'Tree Line'. Trees wrapped in white and perfectly aligned with the horizon.

Detail from The Garden of Earthly Delights, 16th century triptych - Hieronymus Bosch. I am also a mer-knight on a flying fish, pulling my tail up over my head,      a salamander pout on my armored mug.  I give functionality to the void, instilling it with a gear-work of      irrational transmission.

Detail from The Garden of Earthly Delights, century triptych - Hieronymus…

I don't know if this is photoshopped or what. I just don't know anymore and I find that to be a damn shame. If this photo is real, how awful for me to even suggest.............

Doris Salcedo, Installation at International Istanbul Biennial, Salcedo's idea was to create a "topography of war"--not tied to a specific historical event, but to war in general. wooden chairs piled high between two buildings in central Istanbul.

Columbia University Magazine - Scanning Brain | Davide Bonazzi

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Is Social Media Anxiety Real?: http://socialmediaimpact.com/social-media-anxiety/

"Nobody Likes Me" by IHeart, Vancouver Why does social media define our worth? Who cares if a bunch of strangers like your post?

today's society wow !

today's society wow !