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Pertnear all  my life I reckon

I remember always seeing this picture in my great-grandparents house. They have gone home to be with The Lord but this pic always reminds me of them discussing the farm! This would be a good idea for a pic of me & my sisters child!

Can you begin to guess what this baby is thinking about?

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Beautiful babies

Blue eyes so full of life.A wonder all of their own.So beautiful and precious.Oh to see those eyes smile.Such a beautiful sight


headband hairstyle for little girl. Once Dallas gets some longer locks and keeps anything in her hair. I can't wait lol

If you are practicing photography, focus on the eyes of the children. Clicking pictures at eye-level creates amazing effects in children photography. Photographing children from a high angle creates an unpleasing perspective.

Don’t try to change people; Just love them! Love is what changes us!