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Otium Teatro presenta: Nuestra señora de las nubes. ¡Asiste a esta excelente obra!
The Major and the Minor (1942)  Creepy concept, cute movie...
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy | The Official Site | August 1, 2014. Awesome movie with great characters you can get into. If your gonna have humor in an sci-fi movie this is where Transformers can take a cue.
Going in Style (2017) Poster
The Monuments Men "I know the critics panned this movie but as a Social Studies teacher, I just love it. It is a great movie that reminds us of what we came close to losing."
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
RogueOne. Estreno 15 de diciembre en CineZona. CC Zona Este. Cines en Sevilla.
¡Prepárate para una gran noche recordando los clásicos de Soda y alistándote para Sép7imo día!
Girl meets boy...and marries him on same day. Now don't you think there are probably some skeletons in that boys closet, like say six brothers, all single, all still living at home. Solution? How about a bunch of old Romans and some sobbin women? :)