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Here at the jungalow, the use of plants to liven up a space is paramount–but that doesn’t always mean that the plants have to be rooted in soil to have an amazing, freshening effect. Try using a large leaf in a glass vase to elicit the same result. It’s also a great trick to use while …

Statement Leaves

Learn your leaves! Statement Leaves glossary via Justina Blakeney, to help you plan out your tropical interior decorating schemes

Autumn Leaves - Watercolor paper and cut into triangle then fold to create leaves

DIY paper leaves tutorial , paper flowers paper in half draw diagonal cut along diagonal.use 2 loose triangles to twist into vine open symmetrical triangle and fold leave if folded, twist paper vine or pipecleaner into middle open and tape

Origami Leaves

Geo-paper totem!!

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. Diy Crafts Ideas DIY Origami Leaves -Read More -

Verde luminoso/ Brigh green. Fotografía de Luis Otero Huarotte. _____  #greens #verdes #greenlight #leaves #hojas #dimensional #sideral #ternura #confines #peasant #tenderness #leaves🍃 #hojasverdes

Verde luminoso/ Brigh green. Fotografía de Luis Otero Huarotte. _____ #greens #verdes #greenlight #leaves #hojas #dimensional #sideral #ternura #confines #peasant #tenderness #leaves🍃 #hojasverdes

A helpful chart by Compound Interest explains the chemicals that give leaves their color both when they are green and when they change color in autumn. Leaves are green because of chlorophyll, yell...

A Helpful Chart That Explains the Chemicals That Give Autumn Leaves Their Color

The Chemicals Behind the Colours of Autumn Leaves“ With autumn looming on the horizon, the leaves on some trees have already begun the transition towards the vibrant hues of autumn. Whilst this change.