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Glee costumes.

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I would be shocked if these EVER happened

Melissa ❤️ on

You would think kurt and Brittany are together and Blaine and Rachel are together, neeevvvveeeer


I can't breathe!

Lol so, this is how they used to look XDDD

School is over for now, but I go back to summer classes in June. But it's only two classes, so hopefully th. Glee Cast then and now

Blaine in his mind

Oh my gosh this is. I'm dying of Klaine induced laughter.

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Glee's "Love Pentagon" Rachel Finn Quinn Puck Kurt But then Mercedes likes Kurt.

I love this soo much like seriously #Perfection

ladin on

In Order: Rachel Finn Quinn Sam Santana Brittany Artie Puck Lauren Tina Mike Mercades Kurt Blaine Sue Mr.Shue Hope you like Twilight/Cullen Chibi Chain:.

4- What's a trait that you possess that you or others use to define you? Use that trait as a large title on your layout 2pts

4 eyes Brown Eyes Nose "Trouty Mouth" I'm with "Stoopid" OCD No Weave Butt Chin "Lebanese" Likes Boys Can't Sing "Lucy Caboosey" Bad Attitude I'm with stupid Can't Dance