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The Hermit (The Hooded Man), Wildwood Tarot

I adore the wildwood tarot, this is one of my favourite cards The Hermit (The Hooded Man), Wildwood Tarot

This Hermit reminds me of Odilon Redon's painting, The Buddha. Beautiful coloration that lends a mystical quality.

The Hermit - The Wild Green Chagallian Tarot by Penelope Cline

la papessa

In the world of tarot, the cards can be works of art unto themselves. One rare and stunning deck is the IONA Tarot, designed and printed by artist Giona Fiochi,

Tarot- The Hermit by `azurylipfe

The Hermit - Mystic Dreamer Tarot - The hermit carries the light of wisdom in a world of confusion and ignorance.