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A selection of Backgrounds from the Steven Universe episode: "Giant Woman" Art Direction: Kevin Dart Design: Sam Bosma Paint: Elle Michalka, Jasmin Lai.

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I was watching Little Shop of Horrors a lot last week. Little Shop of Horrors Sketch

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The 2013 sketchbook is the third and the latest sketchbook produced by Kim Jung Gi. The book is packed with amazing sketches, mainly character art. Most are line art, a few paintings.

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Illustrations by Taya Strizhakova

I wanted to make a huge series and call it Game of Thrones Ladies, but when finishing the third piece I realized I don’t feel like carrying on with these. So yeah, it’s more like The Three Awesome Ladies of Game of Thrones , haha!

Concept art for Smaug and Beorn by Andrew Baker in The Hobbit.

Concept art for Smaug and Beorn by Andrew Baker in The Hobbit.

Concept art for Smaug and Beorn by Andrew Baker in The Hobbit. Smaug has a very snake like jaw.

Mirkwood - Thranduil's Halls

The Elven Kings Halls.The Kings cave was his palace and the fortress of his people in times of danger.