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Xiumin - 150604 Mnet M! Countdown - Love Me Right rehearsal

Xiumin and Sehun--------------- Mnet Website Update -iheartkris

Exo xiumin die jungs

In a recent episode of "Radio Star," episode guest and Rainbow member Go Woori revealed the reason why idols now seldom engage in flirting with one another during the yearly "Idol Athletics Championships.

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Snapchat Kpop 2 {Terminé}

Just Love Me - ÖzelBölüm-1

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Xiumin stop... Your too much and your killing me!!! Oh  dear lord save me!!!!

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...X.O  Küsschen und Winkewinke immer schön in die Kamera Chanyeol macht das schon gut jz nur noch die andere Richtung und ... Xiu-yeol

Xs and Os to you too baybee

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