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MIKADO PHEASANT ©Chung Hann WU Location: Endemic to the Mountainous regions of Taiwan Status: Near Threatened Facts: Yushan (Mt. Jade) Main Peak and Mikado Pheasant were both elected as the symbols.


Sexual dimorphism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Female (left) and male Common Pheasant, illustrating the dramatic difference in both colour and size between sexes

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Le gibier en dehors des idées reçues

Le gibier en dehors des idées reçues

December: "We can tell from the band numbers how many birds are present, and how many of these are survivors from each previous year of banding" (94). The ruffed grouse show the evolution and effects of the winter on the wildlife. Each species has a different lifespan, and to track this in the grouse, the bands are used.

Ruffed Grouse (Bonasa umbellus) is a bird hunted by Aldo during his October section. "There are two kinds of hunting: ordinary hunting, and ruffed-grouse hunting" (page The bird does look tasty, but is its hunting unparalleled?


Japan's national bird - 雉(Kiji), or the Green Pheasant, Phasianus versicolor, also known as Japanese Pheasant.

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