The Legion Is Coming : Photo

Female Demon Hunter - The new playable class in the upcoming World Of Warcraft expansion ! The legendary wielding demon hunter !

Mirror mirror..

I had help from a private tutorial on parts of this, like the skin and hair. Create art that makes you happy. Just do it creatively and passionately. I really appreciate the stock providers: Models.

[042/366 by exellero]

Female drow in some kind of plate armor (harness). Possible fighter, cleric, or Menzoberanzan house mother.


arlmuffin blue eyes cargo pants casual commander shepard commander shepard (female) hands in pockets hood down hoodie lips mass effect messy hair armor pants redhead short hair solo

Amazing armor!

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Nightingale Armor. I just finished the worst with Karliah, and I look freaking bad A in the Nightingale Armor.


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dark art / mourning / Victoria frances

A story is held within the picture, a moment frozen in time. Breath Taking art piece. One doesn't one to THINK about the ammount of time Victoria Frances has put in this painting, so many different shades of black and grey.

Magnolia, Alexander Deruchenko on ArtStation at

Female armoured warrior smelling the flowers of a magnolia. Sword on back by deruch

celaena sardothien - Google Search

Throne of Glass by Fetsch. Her outfit is perfect. As is the rest of her. Almost exactly how I pictured her. [for those of you who don't know; Throne of Glass is the first book in a series by Sarah J. It's amazing.

Witch and her familiar

Blodeuwedd, Welsh (Celtic) - Spring & Owl Goddess of flowers, an aspect of the White Goddess of death and life.a Queen of Swords