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Jelly Pipe

Pixel Passport, unos geniales diseños de sellos para gamers viajeros

inspired by japanese memorial stamps, designer anna dittmer creates colorful stamps to commemorate iconic locations from her favourite video game worlds.

Inside Batmobile

Masters of the Cutaway Part The Das Brothers & Roger Stewart -

Sahasim : Foto

"Dreaming is out of the box thinking." Introspection by Alexandra Douglass. I want this print so badly, or better, a stretched canvas print of it.

Sketchbook on Behance

Sketchbook on Behance

Computers can drive cars now. What does that mean for us as a society? As technology advances and computers learn to perform human tasks with greater efficiency than even humans themselves, how many of us will be left in the dust? Is there a way to ensure that we remain irreplaceable as workers? The threat…

6 Human Jobs That Computers Will Never Replace

nice Surprise: A Renissance of Art and Culture in Robotic Age

Fine Little World- how whimsical!!

Exclusive and in collaboration with Fine Little Day, French illustrator Steffie Broccoli made the poster "Fine Little World". A colorful and lovely world map

Ryo Yamada: La instalación de paisaje anterior

Ryo Yamada: La instalación de paisaje anterior

10 Awesome & Inspiring Blogs for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Many of us know how to deal with egregious geo-blocking tactics, employing our own counter measures against them. It's about time we all shared what we have learned.