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Imagen de baby, kpop, and meme

Imagen de baby, kpop, and meme

Sorry, most all of these are bts but their bts so...

bangtan is the definition of a meme

These dorks... Srsly... They're killing me<<tag yourself I'm hobi XD

3 types of people : Jimin, J-Hope and Rapmon

I wish that would happen to me. It never has and it would be nice to meet some fellow A.R.M.Ys

Image de bts, kpop, and meme

#HugNamjoon <3


That moment when you wanna flip your hair to look cool,but realize that your hair is too short.

BTS⎮ KABEDON⎮LOL This is so cute and hilarious

Hobi q isso moço kk *-*. E cadê o nanjoon e o Jin ai?

No one can bring Yoongi Down SWEEG XD | allkpop Meme Center

No one can bring Yoongi Down SWEEG XD

No one can bring down Min Yoongi BTS · Suga · Min Yoongi

I felt like he would get mad but at the same time I felt like he wouldn't care

HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA Min Yoongi : "I dont give a shit ,i dont give a fuck " this must be his motto of living. literally we are the same yoongiiiii XD

suga battery percentage? XD | allkpop Meme Center

suga battery percentage? XD

[BTS meme] Suga : Imagine Suga as your phone battery

My babies won best dressed boy band and the billboard awards, so proud of my man children❤️

Ahahahahaha poor V