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'We are one, nothing more, nothing less' #EXO I miss all of the past....

Everybody gets a meme

EXO.  WE ARE ONE. I absolutely love this!!!

Not gonna lie. Sehun looks absolutely done Baekhyun looks like a princess Kyungsoo looks EXO cheesy Kai pulling off his smirk Suho looks confused with his hands And Chanyeol looks like an old man bending like that (no offense)

"La vida me enseñó que siempre hay que buscarle el lado bueno a las cosas y recordar que todo pasa por algo." #EXO #OT12 #GOODTIME

i'm not crying you are! My original bias when they debuted was Yifan Oppa. Then Luhan Oppa after Yifan Oppa left. Then Tao Oppa after Yifan and Luhan Oppa left. Now I have Baozi Oppa

❝ WE ARE ONE!!! ❞ #exo

I've had 2 hours of sleep since the news broke. I keep checking my phone for updates and wishing that this wasn't happening. How are we supposed to be one without Kris?

1 Umbrella, 6 Members.. The struggle is real....

To już czwarta część k-popowych memów. Zapraszam na kolejną porcję śmiechu :)

People vote for EXO now on this site, to be the best band of 2015! We are 5% ahead of One Direction!  http://www.portalhollywood.com/2015/06/best-band-of-2015.html?m=1

People vote for EXO now on this site, to be the best band of We are ahead of One Direction!

Oh lord I gotta confess to so many sins because of that man

Reaction EXO

Exo walking in on their gf getting dressed and her catching them watching

Haha! Watch D.O and the other guys of EXO in EXO Next Door: http://1hop.co/oujcu/cviqi/

This is a good GIF for the fanfic "Oh!" Cause exo is with a school girl.