Batman - Dustin Weaver

dustinweaver: “ I drew this in 2010 (before there were Batman 66 comics). I thought a crossover between Batman and the Italian comic character, Diabolik, could be real cool.

Son of Batman by MatthewB3 on deviantART

Son of Batman is now in stores. Shout out to the WB animation crew and the over seas animation team for all their hard work. Son of Batman

On this day..

October 13 Batman's first clash with the Joker comic book movie fictional character this day in fictional history original issue appearance Hero villain

Batman Beyond

Awesome batman beyond Captivating Digital Art by Yvan Quinet - Digital Art - Fribly

Batman Wayne Manor

MORE FUN COMICS & GAMES in Denton TX lands an exclusive variant cover for the 2016 DC Comics "Rebirth" event! You can only find this cover in Denton, a sure-fire collectible!

Just starting to watch this show, & I can't stop! (I'll probably be an official fangirl soon.) Batman: The Animated Series by Scott McMahon

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