Dalí, Madona de Guadalupe.

"La Virgen de Guadalupe" in 1959 by Dalí (Figueres Oil on canvas Private Collection. Dalí had become an increasingly devout Catholic. In 1958 Dalí and Gala were remarried by the Roman Catholic Church.

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10 Awesome Salvador Dali Prints

Surrealism- Art movement characterized by unplanned and the unconscious. Scenes are illogical and contained great juxtaposition.

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Assumpta Corpuscularia Lapislazulina - Salvador Dali - WikiArt.org

'' Assumpta Corpuscularia Lapislazulina '', 1952 or Lapis Lazuli Corpuscular Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Oil on canvas, 90 x 56 " by Salvador Dali.

Salvador Dalí Creates a Chilling Anti-Venereal Disease Poster During World War II

The Sickly Skull of Venereal Disease by Salvador Dali. Poster to warn soldiers against the dangers of fornicating with loose foreign hussies and contracting venereal disease.

Sogno causato dal volo di un'ape intorno a una melagrana un attimo prima del risveglio  by Salvador Dalì

Сон, вызванный полетом пчелы вокруг граната, за секунду до пробуждения/Sueño causado por el vuelo de una abeja alrededor de una granada un segundo antes de despertar.

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Dali and his Batman mask.if all you could see of batman's face was a chin, mouth and moustache, and that was the moustache.i'm just not sure people would have taken him seriously.