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@solitalo Los poderes de este grandote son fuerza, paciencia y confianza. En su sabiduría nos aporta magnanimidad; compasión y empatía; recupera la memoria histórica; conecta con la sabiduría antig…

El Animal de Poder de la Semana: El Elefante

La Manada

Photograph of African elephants disturbing flock of birds, Savuti, Botswana - License this photo from Steve Bloom Images

African Elephant. 13 feet at the shoulder. 5 tons of powerful, intelligent, family loving beauty. The giant of the animal kingdom.

African Elephant, Charging, Etosha National Park, Namibia

elephant: loxodonta africana savuti, Botswana. BelAfrique your personal travel planner - www.BelAfrique.com

An Elephant: Loxodonta Africana Savuti, Botswana. (Photo By: Rafi Ben-Shalar © Getty Images - Image is subject to copyright.

Beautiful African Animals Safaris: Beautiful African Red Majestic Elephants

Top ten Tourist attractions in Kenya

The big five top ten most dangerous animals in the world Where in the world would you see or find a red elephant? Do red elephants re.


An old elephant bull strikes a defiant stance as he conveys his annoyance to this photographer's proximity. Bull elephants by themselves are relatively docile unlike larger herds of females and young, known as breeding herds.


Elephants in Ruaha National Park (Tanzania). 'Rugged, baobab-studded Ruaha National Park, together with surrounding conservation areas, is home to one of Tanzania’s largest elephant populations.

“Healing Elephants’ Grief” by Mia Collis, Tsavo East National Park, Kenya Baby elephants and rhinos orphaned due to poaching are taken care of at the Daphne Sheldrick Orphanage in Nairobi.