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There are too many ways to drink a typical Turkish tea.

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Basic wine guide for everyone.  You will love it i am sure...

Wine Basics - A Beginner's Guide to Drinking Wine

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mosantimetre turkish coffee pots - won't stop pinning this until i manage to get one of these..love them badly!

mOsantimetre Turkish Coffee Pots

shades of blue turkish/arabic coffee pots

Le système lymphatique est un réseau de ganglions, de vaisseaux et de valves qui se trouvent juste sous la peau et transportent la lymphe – un fluide clair contenant des globules blancs et des déchets – dans tout le corps. La lymphe est un moyen important de détoxification du corps. C’est un système assez complexe, …

4 façons simples de désengorger naturellement vos ganglions lymphatiques et de réduire les gonflements rapidement

4 Easy Ways to Naturally Unclog Your Lymph Glands to Reduce Bloating Quickly

16 party bar ideas or food stations! They make cooking for lots of people way easier! (via @thecraftblog )

16 Party Bar Ideas

16 Party Bar Ideas - C. - Cookie bar, mashed potato bar, trail mix bar, cupcake bar and more!



Where to eat in Istanbul: A brief guide. We love İstanbul street food.

Restaurants in Istanbul: A Brief Guide

where to eat in istanbul: restaurants, street food, markets


Making a perfect cup of tea is an art indeed. Whether you add the same ingredients each time to brew a cup of tea, the way you make it does have an impact on.

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Brew-Your-Own-Tea Station

Bridal Shower Tea Party Ideas for a Sip-Worthy Celebration

"A self-serve tea station with fresh herbs for an after-dinner refreshment." This is cute but often fresh herbs don't make the best tea.

Tulumba :Turkish dessert of fried dough soaked in syrup

fritos al momento. An amazing Turkish dessert tulumba. Fried dough soaked in sweet syrup. A little crunchy outside, quite juicy inside. These are heavenly mini delights!

I laughed before realising just how accurate the English bit was. I always give guests a larger mug of tea because more tea is better!! Haha

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Tea XD- I am British and I agree with thins post! More tea is better!

The magical, mystical and beautiful...he is coming out of the mist and into your dreams.

Absolutely fabulous horse coming out of the fog image. It could be a model of a horse and the maker played around with lighting and fog machine, but I doubt it.

vicka...here's to one of us getting a big fancy house with a samovar and a maid to serve us our tea! ;)

Russian Tea with Samovar. Didn't you love all those scenes in Tolstoy when they were putting out the samovar?

Turkish tea for all my friends. Thank you for friendship.

tea time ~ Turkish tea, a comfort of the city I miss.