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Hamacas en las alturas.

Welcome to the wackiest festival we’ve ever seen – The International Highline Meeting on Monte Piana, a slackline festival held high up in the Italian Alps.

Skydiving #awesome

I chose this post because I hope to sky dive one day. I'm extremely terrified of having to jump out of a plane but I would like to experience the thrill of it. This photo excites me more than it scares me.

Skiing in Norway

Skiing at sunset in Norway. I have always wanted to go to Norway!

11 Travel Adventures That Will Make You Say "Nope"

11 Travel Adventures That Will Make You Say "Nope"

Relaxing in a sky hammock, Kicking back 164 feet above the ground feels counterintuitive, but the 22 participants who boarded 16 hammocks at The Highline Festival in Monte Piana, Italy.

Pourquoi? Parkour :)

On the rock face all habitual stress and mental worries disappear.it is even better than meditation.there is only you and the rock. all else does not exist.this is how I came to love rock climbing.Leslie (*not*

Deep Water Solo Rock Climbing in Railay

20 Killer Photos of Thailand

Pine Creek Falls, Gallatin National Forest near Livingstone, Montana

Pine Creek Falls, Gallatin National Forest near Livingstone, Montana Pure Beauty


Camping by the waterfall, Oneonta Falls, Oregon, USA ( my focal is the Red tent, or appears now to be a Glowing Ruby.

extreme snowboarding #sports

Living on the edge: 30 extreme photos that will take your breath away

National Geographic Extreme Photo of the Week: Snowboarder Jussi Oksansen in New Zealand. Photograph by Jeff Curtes



How to Build a Hammock Raft! Inspired By Kendall Edkins, Brian Blass + co. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UrETBh6g9g=PLGe6qF-lrVyPtOiV2SlKiKsqJn_DV45mA=5

How To build your own hammock raft! We're totally gonna need this for our lake house!

✯ Amazing Moment, Wingsuit Base Jumping

Wingsuit Base Jumping, Norway i'll be shaking of fright if i try this but this simple looks amazing.

Extreme hammocking! I want to do this.

Joe and Andy (Team Free Base) show off the more extreme side of Trek Light Gear. Remember, if you choose to hang your hammock in an unsafe spot you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK.