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keke well Kyungsoo~ if you want it~ you have to come get it~!) kekeke aigo~////leaving this xD I feel the same!

Chansoo moment ^,^

Not the words but the pic is when I'm telling my friend a guy is cute and she like "THAT ONE?" OTL <<<< not mine but will probably happen eventually

I don't think I'm the only one that finds EXO and VIXX's friendship adorable.

kyungsoo's relationship with vixx compared to a poor seal crowded by people

Oh no way haha

"remember when kris complained about exo members except baekhyun lol i miss this funny moment ;" Exo, Kris complaining about members XD lol everything is true XD

Oh Sehun.... *Whacks him over head with memory erase stick* You will forget that ever happened

❤❤❤EXO❤❤❤Oh Sehun. *Whacks him over head with memory erase stick* You will forget that ever happened😅😅😅

Just when you think D.O. is standing there, exuding charisma... You get Chanyeol. *sighs in defeat*

's face? Chanyeol, quit distracting us from the performance with your creeper face.

keke well Chanyeol i have no idea why are you tall then your family isnt~ keke but Suho looks like he is shitting bricks in there kekeke~! His face is totally disappointed while D.O umma just try to think of an explanation~!

Exo macro Answer: He inherited that gene from his father Kris 😉

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not mine but this chanyeol dara thing never dies xD | allkpop Meme Center

keke totally true~ if i were in Chanyeol's position i would be thinking "OMO what should i do?" kekeke then my friends will look at me like how Kai & Sehun looks like keke

kekeke D.O is like this with everyone but there is one exception which is Kai kekeke~ but D.O we love you~

Bahahahahahaha XD Soo's face just screams 'i'm gonna stab you in your sleep"

JUST WAIT, D.O. WILL GROW<---- He be CREEPIN over Sehun's shoulder XD


Me standing next to my best female friend and all of my guy friend

My beautiful goofy EXO hahaha nice hips you've got there baekkie and can you walk with me toa

OMG He does look like that penguin!!! It's soooooooooo cuuuttttteee!!!

There is literally no difference XD haha kyungsoo and the penguin look soo cute!

Lay and Tao had the funniest mispronounciations

Lay and Tao had the funniest mispronounciations

Kopp meme

Woohooo u go sehun! Exo macros funny sorry for the curse word