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European helmet (nanban kabuto) with Japanese influences and menpo, from the Tokyo National Museum.

Suji bachi kabuto,  hatomune byo-toji yoko-hagi okegawa dou gusoku, kabuto signed Echizan nu Kuni Toyohara Jū Bamen Tomotsugu Saku (Made by Bamen Tomotsugu, residing in Toyohara, Echizen Province [Fukui Prefecture]). Bamen Tomotsugu was the leading armorer of the Bamen School in the eighteenth century. Complete armors signed by him are extremely rare.

C Japan - helmet signed by Bamen Tomotsugu. Armor (Gusoku), C. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Etsuko O. Morris and John H.

Antique Japanese samurai helmet (kabuto) and mask (menpo): lacquered with gold leaf inset gingko and triangle mon, the helmets rims flared up; the menpo with full mustache and four tiered throat guard (yodare-kake), Edo Period (old repairs, heavy wear and use); L: 13" (helmet) lucite stand; Provenance: by repute helmet worn by a samurai of the Tachibana Clan, authenticity from The Nishiki Gallery

Antique Japanese samurai helmet (kabuto) and mask (menpo): lacquered with gold…



Saika (saiga) kabuto, Muromachi-Momoyama period (late 16th century), armor produced by the smiths from the area of Saika in Kii province (modern Wakayama) were distinctive in that they featured a set of prominent chrysanthemum rings set around the tehen, strong standing rivets and embossed eyebrows, with Tokubetsu Kicho certificate issued by the Nihon Bugu Katchu Kenkyu Hozan Kai (Society for the preservation of Japanese armor) no. 1042, dated 2007.11.8

Saika kabuto, Muromachi-Momoyama period , armor produced by the smiths from the…

Saig Bachi

Heiwajima Antique Market - Tokyo - An unusual Kabuto

Eric Tによる最近の投稿| 日本武道館武士フォーラム

Eric Tによる最近の投稿| 日本武道館武士フォーラム

Nanban dou gusoku (armor)  Momoyama period, 16th Century  Kishu Toshogu Shrine.

Momoyama period, century Kishu Toshogu Shrine (Nanban dou (dō) gusoku is a suit of armour with a western-style cuirass). And is that actual musket damage on the body?