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Native American Art Getting Water. While I can see "Claggett/Rey Gallery" on the bottom of this painting I could not find the painting or artist on the site. If you can identify the artist from this image please leave a comment.

Country harness carriage draft horse Gyspy Vanner belgian cob shire hafflinger fjord clydesdales pinto by katy

The Defiant One, Lakota - by James Ayers

Artist James Ayers has sold The Defiant One which features a Lakota man. James Ayers specializes in images of Native Americans.

James Ayers

5 Native American Survival Medicines Secretly Made At Home-Sage (Salvia officinalis)-Wild cherry bark (Prunus serotina)-Dandelion (araxacum officinale)-Rosemary (Rossmarinus officinalis)-Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

Photo by Karolina Wengerek / sunflower field and beautiful horse / country life / sweet and simple.