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All the kids of Spike and Rarity that I like Gem made by ive-moved-bitches Lavender made by Siansaar Claire and T made by Sparity Kids

Pop by kilala97 on DeviantArt

After a hard day's work in Manehattan, Rarity just passed out in her workplace from exhaustion.hotel they were staying at for quite some time, Spike .

the_prank_pt_1_by_kilala97-d6uxfs4.jpg 1,500×5,000 pixels

Previous pinner{The Prank Pt 1 - This was on Prismatic Light, a MLP fan who has i think about ten boards or more on the subject, 's board, and I liked it so much I wanted to share.

MLP: Derpy the Muffin Princess by FloppyChiptunes on DeviantArt

Derpy is the best princess, we all know that. So I've made this Derpy princess (incl. the element of muffin) for YayPonies' anniversary I hope you a. MLP: Derpy the Muffin Princess

MLP - Heart Nom by ~merrypaws on deviantART

MLP - Heart Nom by ~merrypaws on deviantART awwww oms!

The Background Mane 6 Elements of Harmony by *jaybeebug on deviantART

My little pony background characters left to right: Dr Whooves, Lyra, Derpy, Octavia, Dj and Bon Bon